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A message from Brett "Bubbamaker" Picotte, Inventor of Bubba®:

After building Bubbas® for 15 years, I signed a licensing deal with I & I Sports in Carson, CA.  They are building all of the Bubbas now and have been since 2006.

It took them about a year to learn how to build Bubba®.  I even videotaped the entire building process (which takes over 20 hours), so they can study it at any time.  They are doing their best to build Bubbas just like I built them.

The dummy they will build for you is called Bubba® II.  It's still a Bubba®, but we thought it should have a different name since I'm not building it.

Note:  Bubba® does not come with a gi unless you order it separately.

If you'd like to order a Bubba®, please click on the link below to see all of the Bubba’s® and Bubba® products I & I Sports has to offer.  Order now and start training with Bubba® soon!

Bubba® Features:

Realistic joints (knees and elbows bend naturally but don't bend backwards)

All joints offer some resistance to movement (Bubba® has muscle!)

Excellent in all ground positions

Stands with little support for throws and takedowns

Scares the hell out of friends and neighbors (and burglars!)

Uses for Bubba®:

Practice throws and takedowns

Do as many drills as you want

Work on your strikes while grappling

Pass the guard on your knees or standing

Escape the mount and crossmount

Attack from the guard, mount and crossmount

Punch and kick hard

Work on your techniques anytime night or day

You can perform realistic drills with this dummy. Try everything you know from each position including armlocks, footlocks, kneebars and chokes. His arms and legs bend only one way, and they resist some as you bend and straighten them. His ankles, wrists, and fingers are flexible, and his neck is great for choking.

Bubba® is a great punching bag for ground fighting. Blasting away to the head or body with punches,elbows, heels and headbutts is a lot of fun, very practical, and it builds strength and endurance.

Each dummy is handcrafted and engineered to be as realistic as possible.

Bubba® has a limited one year warranty. Under normal usage, he should provide years of service.



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